Only the best!! Due Diligence is key to selecting a GOOD Property Investment

My compliance team at Success Investment Group are tasked to ensure the former I.E GOOD INVESTMENTS are sourced and here are some of the criteria's they apply:-

 Price Point
Developers asking for too high a price in comparison to the market, thus offering little value for our clients.
 Unrealistic Yields
Yields that are too low in comparison to the purchase price or developers offering above market assured yields that are unlikely to be sustained.
To get the best, ongoing yields and best chance of exit, the agent or developer must prove that the location has a competitive advantage to what else is on the market.
 Ownership, Title and Planning
The pivotal aspect for any project is to ensure that the developer either fully owns or has clean title and full planning permission. So many projects are presented to us where they are trying to sell units when they only have an option on a site.

By using their experience and complaint processes they identify GOOD INVESTMENTS, have a browse through our Investment Opportunities and we look forward to helping you choose your next Property Investment.